Outdoor Rooms Help Expand Homes

Outoor Rooms Help Expand HomesIf the economic downturn means a new house isn’t realistic right now, consider adding an outdoor room to your home. You can extend your kitchen, expand the family room, create a meditation place — the possibilities are endless. The best part? There’s no need to take out a second mortgage, because you can do it yourself.

Cheap Decorating Ideas to Beat the Recession

If you are interested in interior design and making your home look good, you will be pleased to learn that the recession doesn’t mean that you need to ignore the look of your home. There are definitely ways of making your home and household look fashionable and beautiful without spending a fortune. Cheap decorating ideas and inexpensive interior design techniques don’t need to mean that your house looks like a cheap jumble sale, either. There are plenty of nifty little ideas and tricks you can try, to get a luxury look for a budget price. Read more >>

“Staycations” Help Beat Economic Doldrums

Staycations Help Beat Economic DoldrumsThe down economy has forced many Americans to forgo vacations, but working without breaks can create undue stress and related heath issues. If you want to save some money, there are plenty of ways to get creative and have a fun, affordable “staycation” without leaving your hometown. Read more >>

Recession-Proof Family Entertainment That Will Outlast the Economic Slump

Recession-Proof Family Entertainment That Will Outlast the Economic SlumpAn outing to the movies for a family of four could run upwards of $70 with the gasoline, parking, tickets and a snack bar visit. And an amusement park could be double that. As hard economic times are affecting more middle-class Americans, entertaining the family at home on a shoestring is becoming the trend. Read more >>

Will the Current Recession Change the Design of New Homes? Past Recessions May Give Us a Clue!

For those of you returning to your childhood home over the holidays, you might have noticed how much houses have changed over the years. Lifestyle trends, building product technologies and economic fluctuations have all had a hand in changing the American home. How will the current economic outlook affect the homes of tomorrow? If the current recessionary period is anything like those from the past, you may be surprised. Read more >>