Do it Yourself Loan Modification - 4 DIY Facts to Help You Modify Your Home Loan

Are you frustrated and confused about how to get started on a do it yourself loan modification? Wondering if you will be able to successfully modify your own mortgage to get the lower payment you need? Most struggling homeowners don’t have thousands of dollars available to pay a loan modification company, but many feel intimidated to attempt a loan workout themselves. Well, here is some valuable information to help you get started preparing, applying and negotiating with your lender so you can get your home loan modified into low, affordable monthly payments. Read More >>

Use Bankruptcy to Stop Mortgage Foreclosure

It is sad but true that bankruptcy is a sure-fire way to stop mortgage foreclosure on your home. That being said, you do need to know what you are doing and you do need competent legal help to make it happen. Not everyone qualifies for bankruptcy and you have to file the right kind of bankruptcy in order to stop mortgage foreclosure on your home. Read more >>