Small Remodeling Projects That Add Value - New Doors and Trim

With sales of new and existing homes remaining slow nationwide, many homeowners are looking for ways to add value now. Installing stylish interior doors and replacing old exterior trim are two great ways to make your home look even better today and sell it for more later.

Illuminate Your Home Theater With Easy Lighting Tweaks

Home TheaterThe term “home theater” used to mean a small room designated for the enjoyment of watching movies. Then gigantic flat screens and HD technology came along, and the video game industry upped the ante with Xbox, PlayStation and Wii products that appealed to every age group. With so many different uses, the home theater has morphed into an auxiliary family room.

Bed Bugs: Tips to Stem The Invasion

A survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), revealed Americans are concerned about picking up bed bugs in different locations: hotels (80%); public transportation (52%), their own homes (36%); workplaces and other’s homes (32%).

Shopping for a New Home? Check Out the Kitchen

check-kitchenBuying a home is the largest investment most people will ever make, so it’s no surprise that such a big decision may seem daunting. There are, however, some simple guidelines that can help you find a home that you will be happy with for a very long time.

Lockers: Not Just For School Anymore

Lockers - Not Just for School AnymoreRemember the days when you were in school and you had a locker to store your books, boots, lunch, jacket and anything else you could make fit? Well, the same, durable lockers you used back in your school days are available for home and office use.