Home Projects Becoming Real Entertainment

Home Projects Becoming Real Entertainment(As the recession tightens pocketbooks, Americans will begin to look for inexpensive entertainment at home. Movie ticket sales are down, DVD rentals and TV viewership are up. Libraries are enjoying increased popularity, and many people are now viewing home improvement as a form of entertainment. Many homeowners are being drawn to landscaping, not only to improve their homes’ aesthetics, but also to engage in a rewarding activity that boosts property values and creates entertainment space. Read more >>

Tips For Getting an Affordable Exterior Paint Job

There are several very important steps to take to ensure you receive the most for your money when having the exterior of your house painted. Promise yourself to hold off making any decisions, signing any contracts or spending any money until you have received at least three and preferably five estimates from reputable painting contractors. Read more >>

Today’s Brick Options Are Far From Mundane

Today's Brick Options Are Far From MundaneYou might think of brick as just a small, dark red rectangular material, but it’s no longer that one-dimensional. Today’s brick manufacturers are changing the appearance of brick and offering new colors and textures, giving homeowners an infinite number of design possibilities. Read more >>

Remodeling a Safe Investment For 2009 and Beyond

Remodeling a Safe Investment For 2009 and BeyondWith bad news bombarding us on a daily basis about the doom and gloom around every corner of the US economy, what is an investor to do in these difficult times? The year 2008 will be remembered as one of the worst years on record for the US economy and certainly the worst since the Great Depression. That being said, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel as they say and that tunnel just might lead to the very roof over our heads. Read more >>

Understanding House Plans & Getting a Good Deal

House plan websites offer an incredible service, providing many house plans in one convenient place. Their professionals can modify the design, flip the house around, or even give you a material list and cost to build. One would think that you couldn’t go wrong with such a service. But unfortunately, these websites are very proud of their plans. Though you may have fallen in love with a particular plan, you may take a pass on the whole process simply because you can’t afford their prices. Read more >>