A DIY Guide to Managing Emergency Leaks

A DIY Guide to Managing Emergency LeaksIn the event of a ruptured pipe, it is not uncommon for some people to panic. But anyone can perform emergency leak repairs, helping to prevent further damage until a professional can fix the problem. According to the EPA, fixing a known leak can save the average homeowner 11,000 gallons of water a year. If you happen to find excess water in your home due to a leak, perform the following steps… Read more >>

Basement Water Damage: A Costly Home Repair

Basement Water Damage: A Costly Home RepairSeepage, failing pipes and condensation are the most common causes of costly moisture and water damage to concrete and masonry surfaces in basements. A recent study from a leading home insurance provider found that the typical water damage repair costs homeowners approximately $5,000. Before water-related problems escalate, first identify potential and existing sources of water damage, and make the necessary repairs both inside and outside your home. Read more >>