Make the Most of Your Next Home Improvement Project

Whether it’s the downturn in the economy or the increasing popularity of DIY television shows, one thing is certain; homeowners are tackling more home projects themselves. A lot of first-timers are learning new skills and using new tools so they can finish projects ranging from simple maintenance and crafts to room renovation.

Outdoor Rooms Help Expand Homes

Outoor Rooms Help Expand HomesIf the economic downturn means a new house isn’t realistic right now, consider adding an outdoor room to your home. You can extend your kitchen, expand the family room, create a meditation place — the possibilities are endless. The best part? There’s no need to take out a second mortgage, because you can do it yourself.

Keep Germs From Invading Your Home

Keep Germs From Invading Your HomeIf your home is your castle, you need to defend it from the invading hoards — of germs, that is. Family members can pick up germs, such as disease-causing fungi, protozoa, bacteria and viruses, anywhere and at any time. Germs can be transfered from work, your child’s daycare or a cough from a stranger on a bus. And once one family member becomes ill, the whole house may very well succumb to infection.

Shake Up Your Space With Color, Indoors or Out

Shake Up Your Space With Color, Indoors or OutEconomic news got you feeling the blues? A little jolt of color can take care of that. Budget-consciousness doesn’t always mean having to abandon your dreams for a more colorful living space. Using a little creativity and materials such as spray paint, you can still enjoy a love affair with color, without a big commitment of time or money.

Turn Your Home into a Cabin Retreat

Turn Your Home into a Cabin RetreatEach year, DIY Network gives one lucky winner their very own state-of-the-art vacation retreat that is designed by the viewers. Online, viewers vote on the many different phases of each home project, then watch as construction is documented in TV’s only interactive home-building series, Blog Cabin. Locations for the three cabins thus far include mountain-side retreats and lakefront getaways that encompass everything about a vacation destination.