Bed Bugs: Tips to Stem The Invasion

A survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), revealed Americans are concerned about picking up bed bugs in different locations: hotels (80%); public transportation (52%), their own homes (36%); workplaces and other’s homes (32%).

Don’t Be Intimidated by Household DIY Projects

When it comes to basic home maintenance, many homeowners would rather pull out a toolbox than pay a repairman to fix up little dings. For others, using anything more complicated than a hammer and nail seems out of their league.

Exterior Staining the Easy Way

exteriorstainingIf you’ve ever used an exterior stain on an outdoor project, you know it can be messy. Applying wood stain typically requires multiple steps, including rolling or brushing on the stain, wiping it in, cleaning up brushes and storing leftover stain. Then there’s scrubbing the stain off your hands. It’s enough to ruin an otherwise good Saturday.

Re-insulation Projects Offer Year-Round Rewards

Re-insulation Projects Offer Year-Round RewardsHomeowners seeking to pad their homes and wallets should consider re-insulation projects that maximize energy efficiency year-round. Simple, energy-saving practices will not only reduce heating and cooling bills every month, but also will result in a higher tax return next year.

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Home’s Security?

Is It Time To Update Your Homes SecurityAs Americans work in their yards and start DIY home projects, it might be appropriate for them to think about improving outdoor security. According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. households experienced about 16.3 million property crimes, including burglary and robbery, in 2008. Many people feel that a home security system automatically makes their home safe, but outdated technologies may leave a home vulnerable.