A DIY Guide to Managing Emergency Leaks

A DIY Guide to Managing Emergency LeaksIn the event of a ruptured pipe, it is not uncommon for some people to panic. But anyone can perform emergency leak repairs, helping to prevent further damage until a professional can fix the problem. According to the EPA, fixing a known leak can save the average homeowner 11,000 gallons of water a year. If you happen to find excess water in your home due to a leak, perform the following steps… Read more >>

Top Home Remodeling Trends

Top Home Remodeling TrendsFor many homeowners, remodeling offers a chance to improve their lifestyle. From bigger bathrooms and kitchens to greener living spaces, here are some of the latest trends in home remodeling and design options. Read more >>

Decorating a Bathroom - Tips For Budget Minded Decorators

Decorating a Bathroom - Tips For Budget Minded DecoratorsHave you ever walked into someone house and been impressed …. Until you used the bathroom? People do not realize how important decorating a bathroom really is. You see, the bathroom is not just a place to take a shower and use the facilities, it is often how your entire home is judged by visitors. Read more >>

Bathroom Design Tips

There was a time when the bathroom wasn’t a place that required much decoration; time redecorating is well spent as this can be a truly relaxing room for a short period every day. It is probably because we all take longer in this room than we used too, so employing a few bathroom [...]