Renting? It’s Still Possible to Have an Energy-Efficient Home

While fancy amenities like granite countertops and walk-in closets were popular before, the new budget-savvy renter is looking for a well-built and energy-efficient home. In fact, according to, added features that save renters money, like paid utilities and washers and dryers in units, topped the list of popular amenities from February to August 2009.

Re-insulation Projects Offer Year-Round Rewards

Re-insulation Projects Offer Year-Round RewardsHomeowners seeking to pad their homes and wallets should consider re-insulation projects that maximize energy efficiency year-round. Simple, energy-saving practices will not only reduce heating and cooling bills every month, but also will result in a higher tax return next year.

Calculating Solar Panel Return on Investment

If you are considering purchasing a solar panel (especially a large one), you probably want to know your solar panel ROI (return on investment). Just how soon will your panel pay for itself? There are various factors that need to be considered in order to properly calculate the return on your investment with solar panels.

Green Living: A Plus For Our Planet

Green Living: A Plus For Our PlanetHow green is your world? For some of us, the inconvenient truth is this: When it comes to “greening” our home, our lifestyle, our family and our pets, we are not always sure where to begin. Here are some easy-to-embrace, eco-friendly tips. Try some. Try them all. We and the planet may be better for them.

Evict That Home Energy Hog For Good

Evict That Home Energy HogIn 1980, kitchen appliances accounted for nearly 44 percent of an average annual home’s energy consumption. With innovations in cooking, cleaning and preservation appliances, that figure is just above 10 percent today — and still dropping — much to the delight of consumers seeking green options throughout the home.