Keep Germs From Invading Your Home

January 25, 2010

Keep Germs From Invading Your Home(NewsUSA) - If your home is your castle, you need to defend it from the invading hoards — of germs, that is.

Family members can pick up germs, such as disease-causing fungi, protozoa, bacteria and viruses, anywhere and at any time. Germs can be transfered from work, your child’s daycare or a cough from a stranger on a bus. And once one family member becomes ill, the whole house may very well succumb to infection.

You can’t disinfect the whole world, but you can take steps to keep disease from penetrating your home’s borders. Luckily, one of the best ways to stop germs is also one of the easiest — wash your hands with soap and warm water for 15 to 20 seconds frequently throughout the day. Teach children to wash their hands for the correct amount of time by asking them to scrub for as long as it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday”

song twice. If you’re not near a faucet, use hand-sanitizing wipes or gels to clean your hands.

Take care not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth — it’s an easy way to transport germs from surfaces like door knobs and keyboards to the areas of your body that are most susceptible to invasion. Instruct your children to avoid touching their faces, but do remember that kids will be kids — they’re going to wipe their noses and rub their eyes sooner or later. You can, however, kill germs in the eyes or mouth before they cause sickness. Try using a non-alcohol anti-germ spray, such as McClyns ( The gentle formula can be sprayed into the eyes, nose, mouth or any other entry point, such as a small cut or abrasion, to kill more than 60 pathogens by 99.9 percent. Using the spray after sitting next to a coughing co-worker or after your kids come home from school will keep germs from crossing your threshold.

If someone in your home does get sick, make sure that they stay home until they’re no longer contagious. That way, you won’t unwittingly cause others to bring germs into their own homes.

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