Homeowners Look to DIY Projects to Secure Peace of Mind

January 8, 2010

Homeowners Look to DIY Projects to Secure Peace of Mind(NewsUSA) - In the midst of today’s soft housing market, and during a time when saving money is top-of-mind, many homeowners are embarking on small, do-it-yourself improvement projects around the home instead of extensive overhauls or making the move to a new home.

In fact, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry reports that many of today’s homeowners, apparently reacting to current market conditions, are opting to undertake a series of “partial” improvement projects as their schedules, budgets and lifestyles evolve over time.

While many of these updates are intended to make the home’s interior more functional and aesthetically pleasing, homeowners can also make simple improvements to the outside of their home. For example, homeowners seeking an added sense of security can take steps to increase their awareness of what is happening outside the house — from the driveway to the doorway to the backyard patio or pool. Now

enhancing your knowledge of any movement on or around your property can also be a manageable DIY improvement project that any weekend-warrior can tackle in no time.

Created by Chamberlain, the world’s largest garage door opener manufacturer and leading do-it-yourself access control innovator, the CWA2000 Wireless Motion Alert system allows homeowners to safely monitor the outside of their property from inside their home. Providing affordable peace-of-mind about what’s happening or who is approaching their property, these motion alert sensors allow easy installation at key areas around the perimeter of the home. Equipped with one portable base station and one motion sensor, this easy-to-install system is expandable up to four sensors, so homeowners can be alerted to any unexpected deliveries, unannounced guests and even potential trespassers.

Versatile and portable, the sensors can detect movement from up to 30 feet away and then transmit that signal, using both light and sound, to a portable base station capable of receiving alerts from up to a half-mile away, also making it ideal for the lake cabin, the boat house or even the campground — offering the homeowner both peace-of-mind and protection at all times.

For more information, visit www.chamberlain-diy.com.

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