Keep Your Cool With Energy Bills This Summer

May 25, 2009

Keep Your Cool With Energy Bills This Summer(NewsUSA) - The household fan has certainly evolved. While everyday desktop or stand fans remain widely available, fan alternatives called “air circulators” are now on the market. These products bring you more than just cool air — they can also help you save money on your seasonal energy bills.

Coupling a fan or air circulator with your air conditioning system can save up to 20 percent on your energy bills without sacrificing comfort. The EPA states that heating and cooling make up 49 percent of the average energy bill. Using an air circulator will increase air flow throughout the room, allowing you to raise the thermostat on your cooling system. For each degree raised, you can save five percent off your electric bill, according to the Southface Energy Institute.

Furthermore, whole room air circulators are up to 30 percent quieter than similar-sized air circulators and let you feel cooling as far as 32 feet away. These air circulators can tilt their heads up to 90 percent and create an air vortex for maximum air circulation throughout a room.

To see just how much money you can save by using an air circulator, log onto www There, you’ll find a free interactive “savings calculator” that will let you quickly and easily see how much you can potentially save on your energy bills.

With so many options out there, how do you know what type of air circulator or fan is best for you? Here are a few tips:

First, determine whether you simply want personal cooling or whether the goal is to cool an entire room. For whole room cooling, decide which room you want to cool. The size of the room will help you choose the most effective fan. Also, decide where you want to put your fan — on the table or floor.

When heading to the store, you can evaluate the different types of fans on the market — desktop/tabletop personal fans, whole-room air circulators or outdoor fans. Be sure to take note of how easy the fan is to clean and maintain.

Fans and air circulators come in many designs, shapes and colors. While a plastic fan may be lightweight and portable, a metal fan may enhance a room’s décor. Check out local retailers like Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, CVS, Kmart, Sears, Walgreens and Menards to see some of the latest designs. You’re sure to find one to fit your needs and taste.

As you do your upfront research before heading to the store, visit the “How to Choose the Best Air Circulator/Fan for You” Section on for additional tips and advice.

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