Home Projects Becoming Real Entertainment

February 9, 2009

Home Projects Becoming Real Entertainment(NewsUSA) - As the recession tightens pocketbooks, Americans will begin to look for inexpensive entertainment at home. Movie ticket sales are down, DVD rentals and TV viewership are up. Libraries are enjoying increased popularity, and many people are now viewing home improvement as a form of entertainment.

Many homeowners are being drawn to landscaping, not only to improve their homes’ aesthetics, but also to engage in a rewarding activity that boosts property values and creates entertainment space. With some savvy plant choices and a few accessories, Americans can turn their lawns into outdoor theaters, camping grounds or picturesque picnic spots. Outdoor grilling baskets, marshmallow forks and a firepit allow for parties and at-home camping.

Garden Artisans, a Web site that specializes in distinctive and high-quality handcrafted products, offers many ideas for creating outdoor

entertaining spaces. Larger structural items, like wall trellises, can form sequestered areas for private dining or gardening. Planters, landscape lighting, ponds and outdoor sculptures can create peaceful walkways. Outdoor candle holders and windchimes can set a whimsical or romantic mood.

But gardening does more than beautify your yard — it carries real health benefits. Gardening is a low-impact physical activity. Just a half-hour of gardening three times a week can improve health and fitness levels dramatically, and some studies suggest that working in nature decreases stress levels and improves mental clarity.

As food becomes less affordable, many families will turn to gardening to grow fresh fruits and vegetables at costs well below supermarket prices. Even a few tomato, pepper and zucchini plants can help families enjoy fresh produce through the summer. One organic pepper can cost $2.00 or more at a grocery store. For the same price, home gardeners can purchase a whole package of seeds.

For more information about landscaping or starting a garden, visit www.gardenartisans.us.

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