DIY and Money Saving Tips For Kitchen Remodeling

February 7, 2009

DIY and Money Saving Tips For Kitchen RemodelingAdmittedly, a homeowner will need some form of carpentry experience or a handy gene to carry out some of the tips listed below, but finding a way to make it happen will be worth it for any savvy homeowner running low on a budget for kitchen remodeling costs.

Tip 1: Order and Build Your Own Cabinets

The quickest way to save in excess of $10,000 during a kitchen remodeling project is by ordering cabinets direct from a wholesaler. Most wholesalers can be found online and will ship free cabinet door samples to help with the decision making process.

The homeowner must then construct their own layout plan and order the necessary cabinets and accessories (i.e. crown molding, accent pieces) to make the plan happen. The cabinets will then be shipped in pieces to the home, in which the homeowner can follow the directions and put them together. The cabinets will finally need to be mounted and hung on the wall, where they can be touched up with colored caulk and wood filler for a finished look.

Tip 2: Avoid Commercial Home Improvement Stores for Countertop Installation

Love the look of granite or marble but can’t seem to stomach the prices offered by commercial home improvement stores?

One of the easiest ways around this kitchen remodeling budget issue is to consult with local quarries or granite manufacturers that work in-house to build and install the countertop all in one shot. You can typically save up to $10 per square foot by going this route, as labor and costs are considerably less

when dealing directly with the source.

Tip 3: Add Extra Money to the Remodeling Project by Scrapping Old Appliances

When buying new appliances, most homeowners will be given the option to have old appliances hauled out to the curb or taken away by the delivery person. And while this is generally a matter of convenience for most people, the homeowner is missing out on the ability to earn a few hundred bucks by hauling the appliances away for scrap metal themselves.

The homeowner would simply need to find a truck and deliver the unwanted goods to a local junk yard. There the appliances would be assessed for their value and cash would be given on the spot. It’s a very quick process and an easy way to put money aside for other costly projects in the home.

Tip 4: Scour the Clearance Section of Flooring Stores for Discontinued Materials

Finally, for those looking to install stone or marble flooring as part of the kitchen remodeling project for a fraction of the cost, consider scouring through flooring stores that have a closeout room or clearance department.

It can take a few weeks to a few months to find something that fits the design plan, but the extra work will be pay off when cases of beautiful marble or granite tile turn up for half the price. However, be sure to meticulously calculate the amount of tile needed for the space in advance, as discontinued items are often non-refundable and the homeowner will be unable to order extra materials if needed.

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