Today’s Brick Options Are Far From Mundane

January 31, 2009

Today's Brick Options Are Far From Mundane(NewsUSA) - You might think of brick as just a small, dark red rectangular material, but it’s no longer that one-dimensional.

Today’s brick manufacturers are changing the appearance of brick and offering new colors and textures, giving homeowners an infinite number of design possibilities.

For example, Atlanta-based Boral Bricks offers more than 150 styles of brick in reds, earth tones and pastels, as well as mortar in a variety of colors.

Brick can also mimic specific styles of architecture. A monolithic and durable finish reflecting Mediterranean

European or mid-1900s Craftsman design can be created with PastelCote, also part of Boral’s product line. Available in a variety of colors, PastelCote is a unique cementitious coating that is applied to specially textured PastelBrik.

For a more classic look, Boral’s 17th Century Brick is made the old-fashioned way. Formed in sand-dusted wooden moulds, no two bricks are alike, resulting in a home that features a uniquely textured, truly antique look.

Homeowners and builders who want to explore using different types of brick can visit and access Boral Vision, an interactive online program that allows a user to select from any brick style and mortar color and “build” a home with the click of a button.

The program also includes different roof selections and paint colors for the trim and garage.

For more information, visit Boral Bricks’ Web site or call 800-5-BORAL-5.

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