Decorating a Bathroom - Tips For Budget Minded Decorators

January 27, 2009

Decorating a Bathroom - Tips For Budget Minded DecoratorsHave you ever walked into someone house and been impressed …. Until you used the bathroom? People do not realize how important decorating a bathroom really is. You see, the bathroom is not just a place to take a shower and use the facilities, it is often how your entire home is judged by visitors.

The starting point of any bathroom is to decide on a theme or color. The first item you are going to have to purchase as the focal point is your shower curtain. Don’t buy one of the cheap ones either, get the dual shower curtains with a nice cloth design on the outside and a thick vinyl liner on the inside. You can choose a solid or a multi colored one, but whatever color scheme you decide on, patterned curtains look much better.

Your next purchase will be to get towels and rugs. These should match the dominant color of the curtain. If you have a multi-colored curtain, you can draw one of the background colors out, but keep in mind when we get around to painting, you will have to choose one of those colors as well.

Towel racks sometimes have to be added when decorating a bathroom. You should ALWAYS have racks in the shower, on the back of the door, by the sink and if space permits

you can also put one over the toilet. This is more decorative than anything else, but it is definitely a nice touch.

Now that you have all of that, you can decide on your paint. As we stated earlier, you can pull a mild color out of the shower curtain or use a light neutral color. You do NOT want to use the main color of the curtain because there will be no definition in the bathroom, everything would end up as one color and run into each other.

Now you can make sure you have all the small accessories. Things like a tooth brush holder, soap dispenser, comb and hair brush holder, tissue holder and trash can. Now you are just about ready to wrap this baby up.

You have painted, put down rugs, towels and all of the accessories, now you have to add your personal touch. Maybe it is a bouquet of flowers, some scented candles or a nice picture on the wall. Whatever it is, that special touch will let everyone know that not one detail goes overlooked in your home.

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