Make Pest Proofing Part of Your Spring Cleaning Routine

January 18, 2009

Make Pest Proofing Part of Your Spring Cleaning Routine(NewsUSA) - If the sight of ants, spiders, mice or other household pests inside your home sends you running to jump up on a chair or cringing as you bravely squash the intruders, then spring may prove to be a harrowing time. Homeowners can avoid some seasonal stress by stopping pests from coming inside with some easy preventative measures.

Although many homeowners often overlook it, their home is filled with hundreds or more tiny cracks and holes through which pests can enter. The best way to limit your unwelcome intruders is to deny them entry - a procedure best known as pest proofing. And there is no better time to pest proof your home than during spring cleaning.

Many pests seek refuge in homes and other buildings as a result of changes in weather, such as onset of cooler temperatures in autumn, or extended periods of rain or drought. Taking steps to block their entry before they end up inside can greatly reduce the chances of future sightings.

Install door sweeps and use caulk to fill gaps that may be around your doors and windows. These cracks are often areas where indoor air escapes and is noticed by outdoor pests, prompting them to make their way inside. Also, when it comes time to

begin installing your screen doors and windows, make sure that there are no rips or punctures that need patching. It is also a good idea to install 1/4-inch wire mesh over attic, roof and crawl space vents in order to prevent entry of birds, bats, squirrels, rodents and other nuisance wildlife.

For the best effort against pesky rodents and pests, visit a Web site that is designed to provide you with all the necessary tools and information for protecting your home and health from household pests and pest-related threats. At, you can use the zip-code locator to find knowledgeable and qualified pest-control professionals in your area. The comprehensive Pest Guide can also help you determine what household pests may be in your home, and the pest-prevention tips section is a how-to guide for properly pest proofing your home.

Whether you have ants, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs or other household pests, the earlier you address a pest problem, the sooner you can rid yourself of a more serious infestation. Pest-control professionals, sometimes known as exterminators and pest-control technicians, have the experience and expertise to rid your home of pest infestations and protect your home and family from pest threats while maintaining your quality of life.

For more information, visit the National Pest Management Association Web site at

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