DIY Home Solar Panels Will Cut Your Electricity Bills For Good

January 4, 2009

DIY home solar panels have been around for many years, but with talks of energy conservation becoming an obsession globally, the need for them as a new alternative energy source has taken on a great urgency.

Using solar power is one of the best ways to conserve energy. And with DIY home solar panels, powering your home on free energy is getting really cheap too. And the best thing is, making your own home solar panels is not a daunting task at all, if you have all the instructions handy.

How To Build Your Own DIY Home Solar Panels

Here’s how to go about making DIY home solar panels for your own home:

1. Get it out of your mind that is going to be a tough deal. In reality, once you study the process of making a solar panel, you will find it is not that difficult at all.

2. Assemble all the tools required. You will need a hacksaw, wood saw, hammer, nails, screws, tape measure and some other hardware tools. Visit a plumber’s shop and you will be able to get these tools with ease.

3. For the panel itself, you could install a sink unit. Look around your home, and you should be able to find one.

4. Use copper to set up the plumbing system for the panel. Copper is considered to be acceptable for plumbing purposes. Be sure to use an inhibitor in the copper pipes.

5. Blacken the absorber plate first. This will allow it to absorb the light and heat from the sun effectively. Attach the copper tubing to the blackened absorber plate. You can also use aluminum as an alternative to copper. Both have good thermal properties. Aluminum wins the race here as it is cheaper.

6. House the absorber plate in a wooden tray. Apply a maintenance coating to the wooden tray, possibly painting it. This will reduce the maintenance efforts of the solar panels.

7. DIY home solar panels are extremely sensitive to the availability of sun at all times. Expose them to cool

weather, and you will automatically see a dip in performance. Cover the panels with glass or acrylic to prevent heat loss. This will provide you with all-year round heating.

Points To Remember When Building DIY Home Solar Panels

1. The copper tube could run the risk of freezing during cold conditions. To prevent this happening, ensure that the panel drains down.

2. At times, the water in the solar panel could freeze because of difference in temperatures between the solar panel and the environment. You can avoid this by using an anti-freeze circuit in the solar panel.

3. The construction of the panel frame is often the most critical aspect. The frame should be made of hardwood, preferably of materials like cedar or teak.

As you can see, making a solar panel in your own backyard is all about following basic plumbing and designing steps. If you have basic plumbing skills and an eye for detail, you could well be on your way to making the technology of DIY home solar panels work for you as it has for thousands of others.

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