Say Goodbye To Disposer Odors

December 22, 2008

Say Goodbye to Disposer Odors(NewsUSA) - Many homeowners don’t realize that foul odors coming from the kitchen sink disposer are actually caused by bacteria from food particles. In fact, particles can build up due to incomplete grinding, accumulated waste between grindings and├é┬áprolonged periods of disposer inactivity. These particles become a home for odor-causing bacteria, otherwise known as “grunge.”

Home remedies, such as lemons or ice, have long been used to solve the problem. While they may result in a fresher

smell, they don’t actually clean the grunge from the disposer. A more effective solution for eliminating grunge is to use a noncorrosive specialty disposer cleaner, such as a product called Disposer Care.

When Disposer Care is put into the disposer, blue foam fills the grinding chamber and drain, cleaning more than 99.7 percent of the grunge. The entire process takes only a few minutes and leaves a lemony scent.

Disposer Care and other cleaners are available at most grocery, hardware or mass-merchandise stores. To learn more, visit
or call 800-654-0791.

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