Design Tips to Create Space in a Crowded Home

November 19, 2008

by Nina Seidl 

Trying to accommodate children, personal relics and long-time furniture in your apartment can be a paramount challenge. Here are some tips to create space in a busy apartment.

Lighting is everything! Flat overhead lighting makes your apartment seem smaller.  Accessorize your apartment with separate light sources and lamps.  Not only will this ‘stretch’ the corners of your room, it will give you control over your atmosphere, allowing you to conceal cluttered areas and highlight others to get the best and most flexible use out of your space.

Strategically place mirrors in your apartment to capitalize on natural light.  This also creates the impression of extra space by tricking the eye into believing there is a twin room.

Pale furniture will open up the room.  You should also look for furniture that serves

more than one purpose and will free up space in your busy apartment.  Find a coffee table with built-in drawers, tables with enclosed cabinets, a couch with drawers underneath.  Note that cabinets with sliding doors will save space because they do not encroach on the room when opened.

Position your couch facing the room entrance to increase the sense of space and give your apartment a welcoming feel.

Choose lightweight, versatile furniture that can be moved around easily.  Floor lamps and tables can be moved between studying and socializing areas as needed in your apartment.

Double up on apartment space by using a futon instead of a couch in your living room.  This will come in handy for extra guests.  Use bunk beds if you have multiple children sleeping in a single room, to create more floor space.

Making these easy changes will help you expand your apartment space.

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