Convert Your Home Into a Complete Source of Renewable Energy

November 18, 2008

by Nicholas P. Smith

There are a hundred reasons to start converting your house to be efficient source of renewable energy. You can save anywhere from 10% to 100% of your electricity bills (how important might that be in this economic climate?), you will not have to rely on any one else - in fact if you are producing enough people will pay you for your electricity. And to top it all off, you will have a lot of fun converting your house!

But how should you do it? Would you choose solar energy to power your home? Solar power is the number one choice for most houses in America. It is produced by light and radiation from the Sun hitting panels that are able to

transform it into energy. Then the cells send the energy to a storage generator. Here it the electricity is kept until needed, before travelling to indiviual devices such as your light bulbs. In recent years solar power has become highly efficient and what is even better is it is now possible (and not that hard!) to create your own solar pannels and generator. To learn how please skip down to the end of this article.

The other favourite form of self generating power are wind turbines. These are like windmills, and when the wind spins the mill around electricity is generated. These are more suited to higher locations, or at least locations with a bit of wind. They are very efficient and quite easy to put together. You will not have a 60 foot one in your garden, you can have a much sleeker, quieter version that will power your home.

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