Home Security Lighting To Detour Potential Break-ins

November 15, 2008

by Steve Strong 

Home Security Lighting is often overlooked as one of the most important aspects of home and house security. The major benefit that home security lighting has is that it helps to prevent and not just protect against intruders and vandals. Not only is this there this but also the advantage of protecting the homeowner against anybody who may be lurking on the property when getting to the premises at night.

The home security lighting that is used on the property can vary and when implemented should consider the neighboring property and homeowners. It is imperative that the lighting used is not too bright and does not illuminate over to other peoples boundaries causing complaints. There are on the market today many different types of security lighting available, some of the products that are available include porch lighting, halogen floodlights, infra red detection lights and motion sensor lighting.

The Porch lighting is a popular form of security lighting and is the preferred choice for many households. The basics behind the lighting is it provides a permanent source of light at very low wattage, usually the lighting is controlled with a light detector so will automatically come on and off from dawn to dusk periods. This is an essential element of the product; you can still obtain manual light switches however the automatic ones offer the protection for your property when you are away from home on business or vacations.

Another form of home security lighting that is becoming more popular with home owners are the halogen floodlights. The basis behind these is they are tripped by motion detection

for example if an intruder was in your back garden then the lighting would be activated along the boundary of your property when any movement occurred. The light levels from this form of security lighting needs to be no more than 150 watts, if the light is any brighter then this can cause blind spots from the glare of the light. These lights also use PIR sensors, these stop the lighting being tripped by animals or birds during the night. It is very important that the lighting is configured correctly and is not illuminating any of your neighbors’ gardens or homes. Usually these products will have a range of around 8 – 10 meters from the light to activation and will be triggered either by infra red motion detection or body heat sensor detection.

Pricing of these products are in today’s market are very competitive and you should be able to obtain a suitable product for reasonable prices. The PIR style lights and traditional floodlights come in at very similar price levels so you can base your decision on what best suites your needs. The highlighted security lighting products in this article are the two main security lighting options available however you can also get other forms of lighting such as garden lights which store solar powered energy. These can be used to improve the look of your garden whilst providing additional security. Plus you can also get standard porch lighting systems or path way lighting that will serve a purpose of illuminating areas of your property to prevent unwelcome visitors. The home security lighting systems can be used in tandem with other forms of security to provide a complete home security system.

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