Saving Lives Through Alternate Construction

September 25, 2008

Saving Lives Through Alternate Construction(NewsUSA) - A newly developed construction material could have Americans feeling safer in their homes.

The 3-inch-thick ACTech Panel, developed by Alternative Construction Technologies, combines strength and energy efficiency to create a building material that is able to withstand hurricane strength winds and ensure a 40 to 50 percent output reduction for heating and cooling devices in the home. The structural insulated panels are 26 gauge steel, conforming to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) specifications. Yet, even with a two foot steel covering, weighs less than lumber at only three pounds per square foot.

With many U.S. citizens fearing that climate changes have gotten more severe, the most durable construction materials are becoming a necessity in new home construction. Wood-framed homes are proving to be too fragile for strong winds and much too flammable when subjected to fire. The insulating urethane within the structural panels is modified by a fire-retardant additive before being foamed, baked

and adhered into place, giving it a Class-1 fire rating. Unlike wood, the panels also resist decay, fungus, moisture and mildew. The Class-1 urethane also acts as a deterrent to termites, ensuring structural longevity.

In hurricane projectile tests, the ACTech Panel System has proved to meet or surpass the most stringent wind, projectile and uplift codes in the nation, levied by the 2006 Florida Building Code. But what makes these panels extraordinary in a day and age when sustainability is on everyone’s agenda is that the panels allow the billpayers to see a substantial decrease in their energy bills. Not only are the panels saving labor costs and cutting construction time, but they are also reducing recurring monthly heating and cooling energy bills by 40 to 50 percent - and often more.

With Company Headquarters located in Florida, its manufacturing facility in Tennessee and regional offices around the Gulf States and South, Alternative Construction Technologies (OTCBB:ACCY) has patented this construction technology for use in the production of state-of-the-art buildings in commercial, residential, industrial and modular building applications.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-859-8813.

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