How To Achieve A Traditional Look In Your House

July 5, 2008

How To Achieve A Traditional Look In Your Houseby SARIKA KABRA

If you want to achieve a formal look for your house, consider decorating it in a traditional style. This is the kind of decor that can stay timeless and beautiful. The Victorian look has never really gone out of style even if the arcane beliefs and systems have. The 18th and 19th century decoration in Europe totally focused on ornamentation. Opulence exuded from every furniture and decorative item. Intricate carvings and rich fabrics were the chief features of this type of decoration.

This article will take you through simple ways to get a traditional look for your house. One of the most important things to consider is color, which in traditional style must never be too bright or gaudy. The colors are supposed to be neutral in most cases. For those who want to bring it up a notch, jewel based tones can be great too. In traditional decoration, wallpaper can be used in very creative ways. You can let your imagination run wild with the pattern on wallpaper. Pretty flowers, large fruits, entwined vines, or just simple stripes - the lack of experimentation in color can be made up with the varied availability of wall paper styles.

The next thing to pay attention to is the fabric, which is always expected to be rich and luxurious in traditional decor. You could use velvets and brocades for curtains and covers for the living room furniture. You can make the draperies over the windows as elaborate as your budget allows you to be. Sheer curtains with many draped layers are common in traditional looks. You can use patterned fabric for the furniture items like sofa sets. Also, pillow covers and bed sheets can be made of rich fabrics. Beautifully decorated

ornate pillows can be added to sofas to add to the formal look. In general velvets and other ornate fabrics can quickly transform a room from drab to fabulous.

The furniture used in traditional decorations is very artistic. There are many types and styles of traditional furniture to choose from. Most of these furniture pieces have intricate crafting and fine detailing. These furniture pieces are made of wood like mahogany, walnut or rosewood. The ornate styles and curved legs of the furniture make it distinct from the other items available in the furniture shops. Most of the bedroom furniture pieces will be very heavy due to the large size and use of heavy wood.

There are many types of decorative pieces that give a regal look to any room. Mirrors with detailed frames are regularly used in traditional decor. Portraits framed elegantly and still life paintings add to the sophistication of the look. Many other types of accessories like statues, tapestries and flower vases can be used to add to the formal look.

The author has used traditional bedroom furniture to transform her room. Many furniture stores stock ornate and timeless furniture pieces. Find a furniture store that meets your criteria.


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