Bathroom Design Tips

July 5, 2008

Bathroom Design Tipsby DANIEL KELLY

There was a time when the bathroom wasn’t a place that required much decoration; time redecorating is well spent as this can be a truly relaxing room for a short period every day. It is probably because we all take longer in this room than we used too, so employing a few bathroom decorating ideas to liven it up makes it all that more enjoyable. Why shouldn’t this room be a pleasant place to visit especially when you may relax in a bath for 30 minutes or more.

If nothing else, your bathroom decorating ideas will impress your friends and neighbors. Everyone takes the time to make the living room and kitchen look fine, but who really bothers with the bathroom but if you do, it will show everyone what a high-quality home-maker you are.

The chances are that your bathroom decorating ideas will follow the same used in the rest of your house so that every room matches to a degree. If for example your home uses low tables as part of the decoration then it will follow that a low table will look equally as good in the bathroom. If you have a table with a shelf underneath, why not place a few selected magazines of books on there to really set the tone.

Similarly, you can apply your ideas to the rest of your house if you haven’t already decided on a theme. For example if you have used a particular style of tile, wall or floor, then

why not see how it works in other areas like the hall or kitchen?

If a bathroom tile has a particular pattern there are many places where it could be used to augment the feel of the home including the kitchen. Bathroom decorating ideas are not all about tiles on the walls and floor, there are many other ideas which can be used successfully in every room.

Soap dishes and soap trays are becoming more fashionable and some designs are really effective. There are even articles in home decoration books and magazine illustrating how easy it is too make your own soap rays.

One of the best articles I ever read was to make them out of clay; that way, you can make them easily, and fashion them into whatever shape your heart desires. I have always found that even if you do nothing else, a relaxing picture, perhaps of woodland, lake or seashore can make a great deal of difference to a bathroom. With the materials and information available today, there is no excuse not to turn your bathroom into something very special.


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