Decorate Your Home With Doors

June 29, 2008

Decorate(NewsUSA) - Want to make your home luxurious and unique? An easy way to make a statement is to use doors and hardware to add touches of luxury throughout the home.

Your entry door should showcase your home’s distinctive style. Most people choose to have a wood entry door, with good reason. Wood is elegant, classic and sturdy. Here are some simple steps to choose the right doors for your home:

1. Consider the style of your home, as well as your own preferences. A beach house might need an entry door designed to look like a ship’s door. A cabin calls for a rustic door of rough-hewn wood, while a stately Colonial might look best with a subdued mahogany door. Wood entry doors are unique because they can be custom-carved, allowing you to add whatever carvings you want. Manufacturers such as Marvin Windows and Doors not only offer a wide range of pre-selected entry door options, but can also make custom entry systems.

2. Spruce up your deck with patio and French doors.

Patio and French doors go with any kind of home and are useful in opening up a room and letting in natural light. These doors come in three varieties: sliding, inswing and outswing. Sliding doors offer convenience and beauty where space is tight. Inswing French doors are popular in northern homes where snow outside the door can make it

difficult to open, while outswing doors are popular in warmer climates. A new innovation in patio doors is the bi-fold door. This door brings the outdoors in when the door is pushed back, accordion-style. Bi-fold doors are a perfect complement to today’s outdoor living trend.

3. Customize your home by choosing accents that let you express the way you want your home to feel. Finish your doors with architectural hardware. From a baroque look, to sleek modern architectural hardware, you can tie together your home design vision with the simple touch of a doorknob.

For more information on Marvin Windows and Doors, Marvin Entry Doors and Marvin’s architectural hardware, please call (888) 537-8268 or visit


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