Find Loft Luxury With These Style Tips

June 27, 2008

Find Loft Luxury With These Style Tips(NewsUSA) - Today’s loft owners are looking for more than just converted commercial space. They are demanding amenities that match the scale of their living space while complementing - not hindering - the downtown city backdrop. Whether you live in a loft or want to emulate the look of one, here are a few tips to make your space luxuriously lofty.

The first step is to determine the function of the space. You’ve got that open area - what are you going to do with it? Walk around your loft to decide on the best spots for working, relaxing and entertaining using natural light and built-in features. Use open ductwork, built-in shelving and windows as guides. Once the functional areas have been mapped out, it’s easy to divide open space into “rooms” through the placement of partitions, large pieces of furniture or area rugs.

If you’re like most loft owners, your space is likely characterized by rough materials like exposed brick walls and pipes with cement or worn wood floors. Because of the industrial look and feel of lofts, they are usually decorated in a contrasting, sleek contemporary style, incorporating clean lines and smooth surfaces. Contemporary

loft décor combines fabrics with wood, glass, chrome and stainless steel to create a visually stimulating look.

Even though it may be the only room in your space with walls, your loft décor should extend into the bathroom. Wall-mount faucets, such as Moen’s new minimalist-styled Icon wall-mount, help keep countertops clean and uncluttered, while adding a touch of modern design to your bath.

“Designers are seeing the bathroom itself as architecture, with items such as wall-mount faucets being hung on the wall like art,” said Judy Riley, Moen’s vice president of design. “Additionally, spa-like environments with ‘rainshower’ showerheads are must-have amenities.”

Rainshowers, such as Moen’s 8-inch Velocity rainshower, offer two spray options - a drenching rain or a powerful rinse -to create an invigorating spa-like shower experience.

To find loft furnishings that will help you to achieve a contemporary look and feel without breaking the bank, visit national retailers in your area. And when considering your overall décor, go for a fashion-inspired color scheme to give the loft space a bolder, more current feel.

For more information on Moen’s products, call 1-800-BUY-MOEN or visit

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