Home Decorating - Tips for hanging pictures

February 3, 2008

Hanging pictures is certainly not most peoples favorite thing to do. Finding a stud may be hard, or just hanging the picture straight is challenging for many people!
It is well worth your time and effort to use a level when hanging your pictures.

Did you know that pictures weighing less than ten pounds can be hung on a straight pin? I’ve done it many times and it works! Saves your walls from the big nail holes as well.

When hanging pictures, the perfect height is about eye level. If hanging them over your sofa

a little lower is okay. Generally, though, eye level is good. Also, when putting together a grouping, always use an odd number of pieces. For example, a large picture with two accents on each side (5 total pieces) looks wonderful. An even number of items just doesn’t work.

Never hang pictures where sunlight or light sources will shine directly on them. This can cause yellowing and fading of your pictures. Keep them away from light sources.

Well, that’s it for the picture tips - hope you found something you can use!

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