Your Garden Decor is a Reflection on You

January 21, 2008

Garden decor is an area that is sometimes overlooked when sprucing up your home. Making your lawn and garden attractive and appealing is just as important as decorating the inside of your home to make it beautiful and welcoming. After all, it is the first impression a visitor gets of you - it’s the first thing they see!

What do your visitors see when they first arrive at your home? A well-kept lawn with well placed garden decor, or an unkept and scraggly mess? Whatever the answer is, this makes a big impression of who you are to your visitor.

Investing in beautiful patio and garden decor is one of the best moves you will ever make. It’s an investment you will enjoy for years to come, and it also makes a huge impact when it comes to selling your home. A well manicured and appointed lawn speaks volumes to prospective buyers of your home. It lets them know how you have taken care of your home, as well as your lawn, over the years.

Deck and patio furniture can add tremendous beauty to the look of your decor. If you have a contemporary home, use furniture to match your style. Wooden benches, tables and chairs add charm to a country style home. Add some wood flowerboxes to your windowsills for extra charm!

There are many different things you can

do to decorate your lawn. Outdoor fountains are very popular and can be found in any style from country to contemporary and even inspirational. An added bonus of outdoor fountains is the soothing and relaxing sound of trickling water.

Birdfeeders are another item easily used to add color and beauty to your garden decor. Standing and hanging birdfeeders come in many different varieties from very simple to extremely decorative and exotic. It’s so enjoyable watching the birds flutter from the trees to the feeder.

Garden statues are yet another beautiful way to add interest and character to your garden decor. There are endless varieties of statues you can use, again according to your decorating style. Stately lions look elegant guarding each side of your drive entrance if you have a large and luxurious home. Wooden ducks, rooster statues and ceramic flower pots are charming for the country style home.

There are many other accessories that can be used to decorate your patio and garden. Wrought iron benches, windchimes, stepping stones - just use your imagination. With little time and effort, your patio and garden will have curb appeal - it may even cause a traffic jam!

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