Looks aren’t the Only Thing that Matters!

January 3, 2008

We all love for our homes to look beautiful and elegant, but what about another very important element of our home - fragrance? When you have friends and visitors come to your home, of course they notice how your home looks, your decor, and how attractive and inviting it is. But they also notice the way it smells! It is essential that we leave our visitors with an impression of a great smelling home. Naturally, everyone’s home has some unflattering odors at times, caused by several different things: cooking odors, chemicals in cleaners, sometimes tobacco smoke, etc. To help keep your home smelling as great as it looks, always keep a can of

Lysol nearby to spray after you have finished cooking to help eliminate those odors. Another great idea if you have a wood burning stove is to set an iron kettle on top and fill it with water. You can then add some spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves to the water. This will give your home a warm country scent that is wonderful! Of course, burning candles is always a good idea, just make sure you burn them in a safe location. Potpourri and incense work well too. Just remember, looks aren’t the only thing that matters!

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